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Take a look at the landscapes of the Trail with these photographs by Dave Hancy. The pictures show points from south to north. Click to enlarge.

Cliffs tumble to the sea near the Trail start.

Light-dappled path down to Arkoudillas Beach.

Looking back towards Arkoudillas Beach.

The canalised river at Lefkimmi.

Juniper forest on the dunes near Lake Korission.

Fish farms on Lake Korission.

A cobbled path leads down to Pavliana.

Crossing heathland near Strongili.

The first view of Pantokrator at Komianata.

Descending the footpath from Agii Deka summit.

Street in Sinarades.
Looking southwards down the west coast.
Olive grove track near Liapades.

Old stone-cobbled path below Lakones.
Traditional kafenion (bar) at Krini.
The 'Roman Path' down from Makrades.

Church with numbered cornerstones near Agros.
The way up the old cobbled path to Sokraki.
The mountain territory beckons.

Endless vineyards near Spartillas.
View of Ipsos from Taxiarchis Chapel.
Fresco at Taxiarchis Chapel.

Crossing the Karst Plateau towards Pantokrator.
In the far distance, the end is in sight.
Sheep fold in the mountain zone.

Walking into mist at the High Col.
Mountains and clouds: towrads Parigori Gorge.
Path through thick forest in the Parigori Gorge.

The last stretch over Ekaterini Headland.
The beacon marks Corfu's northernmost point.

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