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Independent walks on the Corfu Trail
Using the Companion Guide to the Corfu Trail, which has full route descriptions and detailed maps, you can walk the Corfu Trail independently. Bear in mind, however, that en-route accommodation may be impossible to find without pre-booking. In April, no hotels or other facilities are open outside of Corfu Town. Once the summer season gets going, accommodation may be fully booked. Please note that camping outside organised sites is illegal.

"The island seems deserted; you hardly meet any people for hours except for trekkers and local farmers and shepherds... What a stunning holiday - one of the best ever. The guide book of the Corfu Trail was brilliant and the well-marked trail challenging - but we did it."
David Carabott, Independent of Malta.

Local travel agent Aperghi Travel offers a package which includes overnight accommodation on the route (or transfers to off-route accommodation), plus luggage transfer, meaning you only need carry a day pack. A full Companion Guide schedule based on the location of the accommodation comes with the package.

"This trail... escapes the fleshpot resorts and transports you into a sleepy hinterland of crumbling monasteries and secret hamlets - the Corfu made famous by Gerald Durrell, the one that British visitors originally fell in love with."
Vincent Crump, The Sunday Times.

Before the season starts and facilities open, another option is to stay in Corfu Town and bus to the start of each day's walk, bussing back at the end of the walk. To get to some locations, a very early start may be required. Also, check on the time of the last bus, as it may return as early as 3.00 pm. Have a contingency fund ready in case you miss the bus and require a taxi.

"The Corfu Trail... taking in lyrical scenery and pretty old villages."
Dana Faracos, Sunday Times Travel Magazine.

The Freytag & Berndt map of Corfu gives a helpful overview of the route, but is not detailed enough to use as a guide.

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